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University Of Medicine And Dentistry Of New Jersey

65 Bergen St Rm 1441
Newark, NJ 07107-3001

General Phone: 973-972-4400
Financial Aid Phone: 973-972-7030
Sector: Public, 4-year or above
Classification: Medical schools and medical centers
Website: www.UMDNJ.EDU

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Overuse of antibiotics threatens child health - Asbury Park Press

Your little girl has a sore throat. You take her to your pediatrician. He has a look, tells you it's nothing major and should pass in a few days. He prescribes nothing beyond water and some over-the-counter lozenges. You go home, but, in a day or two, you're back because your child still has the sore throat and now a slight fever, too.The doctor has another look, then tells you the same thing he said the last time. But your child's in distress, and you're worried. You say, "But Doctor, isn't there an antibiotic you can prescribe?"Your pediatrician, his office filled with cranky patients and crankier parents, sighs, writes the order and goes on to the next patient. Relieved, you and your child hurry off to the pharmacy. The little girl takes the medicine. It has no effect. In a few days, as predicted, the sore throat passes.Scenarios like this in which antibiotics are taken when not needed are happening on a frequent basis, and with increased risks to children's health, according to medical professionals."It is easy to write a prescription," said Dr. Rajendra Kapila, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New - more available